About Us

About Us

Galactskies wants you to become our life-long companion in the sky! Therefore we assure to offer you our best services. We take into consideration your requirements so that we can get you the best flight fares and services to the US through our long-time contacts, in-depth experience, and knowledge of the travel industry. We also provide services related to Hotel Booking and Car Rental. We make sure you get our best travel bargains and discounts on all the major airlines. We are here to provide you with the services which are developed through a meticulous system. We believe in providing excellent service from the beginning to the end of your deal with us.

Flight Booking

We are here, to give you an outstanding Flight Booking experience and customer service. Our team is working very diligently to maximize your discounts and upgrade the travel services and benefits through loyalty and transparency

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Hotel Booking

To give you an amazing experience of Hotel Booking experience, we try our best to find the right hotels to offer you great customer service. Our team is experienced in working efficiently to maximize your discounts and upgrade the hotel booking services. This is all done to maximize the benefits to our customers.

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Car Rental

Traveling is a tiring job. But not to worry anymore, we bring the best Car Rental experience and customer service. We provide car rental services so that you can travel across the US peacefully without any hassle. We want our customers to experience the best car rental services ever!

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Our Values

All Our United States

Galactskies offers various flight services to the United States of America so as to meet every traveler's needs. Whatever your flight demands, Galactskies has a solution for it. Now, you can choose flights to the United States of America or destinations around the world. And get the opportunity to discover how quick it is to make your flight reservations with Galactskies.

Easily Ticket Booking

Galactskies helps you to manage all your Bookings and make your travel plans a huge success. We will bring you the most feasible price for a great experience. So, with Cosofares you need not worry about Ticket Bookings to the US.

We Understand Your Need

We truly understand your need, therefore we give you the option to search, compare and book your next destination tickets. We won’t charge any extra for this. For your convenience and trust, we compare thousands of travel sites to bring the best travel plan in the US for you.